Thursday, 18 September 2014

Magic has Friends

Magic is a large creature, therefore, you would think that any friends he made would also be large, however, he has decided that his new best friend will be a chicken. Yes, a small, stupid chicken has moved in to his stable. Now this was strange enough , but then she decided to hatch chicks, and moved those in there as well.

Now, Magic is not delicate, careful or considerate, however, he does not mind the chicks being in there, in fact he seems to enjoy the company. Although he is careful around the chicks, one was victim to his size, but other than that the other eight seem to be thriving. They come and go, sleep in his bedding, and generally spend most of their day running around his feet.

So, who needs expensive horses to keep your horse company, simply get one broody hen, and you have an instant playground full of friends!

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