Saturday, 23 February 2013

Making Money

When we started all of this on Casa Chaos I was determined that it had to make  a profit, or what was the point. My Dad laughed, as he has been in the farming industry all his life, and told me to always remember that if I wanted to make a million, I would have to invest two million. Farming in any scale is tough, and very few make a huge profit, however, I only wanted small.

There are many days when I feel that this place is a money pit, with a black hole in the centre of the drive absorbing all our money. Yet we carry on, which is the strange thing, as if it was any other business, you would walk away. I often spend hours writing lists of things that need fixing, building, or feeding, and do wonder where the money is coming from in the future.

You may question why we do it, but I feel that Casa Chaos had become part of my identity, and as with everything that you love, you will fight for it, and defend it until the bitter end. We are not a large Finca, but a small place that tries to make a success of the chaos. I am doing what I believe in, which is producing natural, organic produce, and meeting like minded, crazy people.

Another saying that my Dad enjoys is " Do what you love in life, and the money and rewards will follow" There are only two men in my life that I ever listen to and respect, my Dad and ,my husband, both very wise, and very sensible.


  1. With all the exercise and fresh air you will make your money by not having to pay doctors:-)

    Feeding the soul has as much value as feeding the body and must be accounted for when you do your books.