Saturday, 31 August 2013

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

The other day the school bus stopped for ages outside the house, which was strange but here it could be due to numerous reasons. However, it seemed that one of our chickens decided that standing in front of the bus, in some form of Mexican stand off was intelligent.

Thankfully it must have been a nice bus driver that day as the chicken didn't become road kill. I thought no more of that day until I drove home  yesterday to find a chicken stood in the road. It wasn't going forward, or back to where it came, but simply stood looking up and down the road.

Now our road is dangerous, and at this moment I just imagined a squashed chicken. However, it calmly crossed the road, stopped all the traffic without a care in the world. I found myself sat in the car, chuckling and wondering......"why did the chicken cross the road?"

This it seems is one of life's mysteries!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ducks to water

There is something very satisfying when you see an animal that you know has been caged all its life being released back into natural habitat. When the ducks were brought home from the market, they appeared in shock. This could have been down to the journey in a box down the GC1, but I would guess it was the fact that they had never seen grass, trees or water.

As the ducks ventured towards the pond for the first time, there is something magical about watching them jump in and have fun. As the three new ducks zoomed around, I remembered why I do what I do. Through all the hard times, struggles and chaos, moments like those are priceless.

The first day they had an encounter with a dog (hoping not to reinact) managed to get into the barranco, again do not want to reinact as we all spent 20 minutes searching for Mario. However, these things were soon forgotten when you see the three small ducks, with no wings due to never being able to stretch them enjoying freedom, fresh air and water.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Animal Market

I love going to the animal market, however, it always brings mixed feelings, as I know that the animals are in poor condition, kept in tiny cages and are there to be bought for lunch. The positive side is that I know, I can save a few, and I always leave with something.

My goal was to find a giraffe....not really, we were going for ducks, and I knew that the "chicken man" would have some. Amongst the rabbits, ferrets, pigeons, rats, kittens, puppies, and hundreds of other animals, there were three little ducks. They were in the smallest of cage, with no room to expand their wings, and I knew I had to give them a better life.

So, after much negotiation, the three ducks were placed in a box, taped up and handed to hubby to carry. I had done my small bit for the day, and although I cannot save everything, I have given these three a chance of normality. Who am I kidding, they are heading for Casa Chaos, normal is not even a word.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ballerina Chicks

I love strange things, but dressing up animals is something that I think is a step too far. I do have a Christmas costume for my dog, but that is as far as it goes. I sometimes chuckle at these people that have outfits for their chickens, and shake my head in despair at what some people will do to their poor animals for a laugh.

There are always numerous photos of animals in different costumes to get a reaction out of people. Most I just skip over, but I was sent one the other day and it made me laugh. I am not sure if I laughed because it was funny, or laughed at the time spent to think of the idea.

The picture was of some chicks in bun cases that looked like tutu's

Now my first thought was that is rather funny, however, I then moved on to why? and how did that idea come about! Did they pick up the chick one day and think hey I know what this chick would look so much better in a bun case tutu. Or were they eating a cupcake, and thought this case would look good on a chick.

I have decided that people have far too much time on their hands, and that I should be lucky that I do not have the the time to think up silly ideas for chicks costumes.....yes ok I am jealous, and want ballerina chicks!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Finally it Came

It has been incredibly hot here, with sand storms, hot winds, and a few fires, which is all typical for summer. Again yesterday it was really hot, too the point of unbearable. However, this is summer, and this is what we get every year, so roll on winter.

Then out of no where came reports of rain, FB lit up with friends all over the island claiming it was raining. I ran from the office in glee, to discover no rain, not even a drop! More excited status updates, and still no rain, oh come on I need rain more than you guys, but nada!

Then my phone begun to beep with updates of rain, the quantity, the freshness, the coldness, but still nothing! I was not happy, I got bored of posting on FB rude messages to friends informing them that there was in fact still NO rain here.

Had I upset god, was the rain being diverted and missing me completely, regardless of why, I still had no rain. Feeling unloved, and completely dry I went to bed to sulk, to be woken by a small noise. That noise begun to get louder, and finally the moment I had been waiting for RAIN!!!

Now rain in august is unusual, but god it was good, it dropped the temperature, made everything appear alive, and was a pleasant change. I went back to bed happy, and safe in the knowledge that I was not the odd one out, I also had rain. hmmm should I log in and post on FB, nope this was my rain and no one else was allowed to play!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

My New Signs

A while ago I found a sign on the Internet that was perfect for Casa Chaos, so i asked a guy I know to make the sign. He agreed the sign was ideal, and asked how big I wanted it, unfortunately, being a woman no actual measurements were given. However, the statement as big as you can was mentioned which is exactly what he did.

I received a call to say that the signs were ready, and like a kid at Christmas, I rushed off to collect my new sign. However, I didn't expect to see the HUGE sign that was in front of me. Yes it was brilliant but it was massive, and I didn't think I could put it in the intended place, as it might cause accidents on the road.

Now everything in Casa Chaos is intended to be light hearted fun, which is exactly what this sign is, and I must say that I love it so thank you Mr S, but next time I might just go and fetch a tape measure and bother to give you measurements.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lenny the Lizard

We have lizards everywhere, often they are brought into the house by the cats, some survive, and some become dinner. I have had a lizard on my office way of months, he is a small, unoffensive thing that runs around the walls. Lenny as he has been christened is in desperate need of sunlight, as he is now more of an albino lizard, but he is still happy.

Unfortunately, Lenny ventured into my sons room, and some how ended up on his head. This was not the brightest move, as my son freaked out and wanted Lenny evicted from the house. I ignored the pleas for some time, however, the other night dressed in full combat gear, and a helmet operation remove Lenny began.

Now my son may have wanted Lenny out, but he had no intention of doing it himself, he pleaded with me, however, I was enjoying a rare 10 minutes with my nose in a book. Therefore, I wasn't moving for anything, so off he went in search of his sister.

He found her just about to get in the shower, so she appeared in a towel, asking what I wanted. This is the typical way for either child to get the other to move, by claiming I want/need them. I explained I didn't want her, but her brother wanted her to remove Lenny.

This then led to 30 minutes of arguing and chasing Lenny around the room, finally he was caught and released into the wild. A happy ending I hear you cry, my son was happy, Lenny was outside, the cats had new lunch to chase, well until the next night when Lenny was back on the office wall!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Mangos Mangos

Did I mention that we are in the middle of mango season? oh and the heat has soared over the weekend, making the whole process of picking mangos hell?

Mangos, those lovely juicy fruit that are enjoyed by millions, have incredible health benefits, oh and stink when left on the orchard floor in 50c heat! The orchards smell like one giant sugar pot, sickly, and overwhelming.

But hey why am I complaining, mangos make money, and help to pay the bills, people seem to love the mangos, so wouldn't want to upset my adoring fans! So, the blog is short today, why you ask....because I have to pick mangos of course...roll on September when the temperature drops, mangos stop and the kids go back to school, ooo September has just become my favourite month!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

I didn't Lose any Children

I must be mellowing with age or I got caught in a weak moment the other day, but I agreed to a group of children visiting Casa Chaos. As I object to adults visiting, this decision surprised friends, but it was for a good reason. A friend has a nursery and she needed places to take the children that were free, entertaining, and would hopefully teach the children something.

So, in her wisdom she choose Casa Chaos as one of the field trips. At first I was really nervous to think there was going to be six little people running around, however, they were very well behaved. We fed and stroked bunnies, chucked corn at chickens, oooooeeeddddd and arrrreeeddddd at chicks, collected eggs and picked mangos.

All in all a successful few hours, I love the innocence of small children, the fact that they see the magic in picking fruit from the trees, and want to explore everything. Although they were very good, we are not having a petting zoo EVER!

Thursday, 8 August 2013


After yesterdays Blog I expected some comments, some support, even some questions, however, the gossiping really got to me. Why do some people love stirring things up, they seem to thrive on the pain and emotions of other people. I often wonder if it is because they have nothing in their own sad lives, or whether they are just old, twisted women.

Apparently, as I choose to Blog, this entitles people to make hurtful comments and basically take the piss. I Blog because I enjoy it, and I believe that other people do to. However, there are days like yesterday when I wonder why I allow these nasty people into my world.

To some they were just goats, but to us they were part of Casa Chaos, I have gone through so many emotions over being forced for them to leave. However, for the gossipy lady that loved telling people I "brought it on myself" lets hope you are never forced to have to make tough decisions over your animals.

Hopefully this will stop you gossiping about me, making jokes, and generally thinking the whole thing is so funny. Next time I will name you on here, as this island is so small and you need to remember that the people you are gossiping to repeat everything you say!


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tough Decisions

I never thought I would have to make a decision whether to keep my goats and risk them being shot, or get rid of them to save their lives! When I choose to live in the campo, I understood that village life was different, and that we needed to fit in with the locals. However, they have proved this week that we will always be outsiders.

My goats on occasion have escaped, typically they head up the mountain and return some hours later. Unfortunately, last week they got out and choose to munch on a neighbours tree. This neighbour appeared, ranted, told me to keep my goats in or else. I wandered off mumbling "or else what" he proved on Monday morning what the "or else" meant.

Mondays are chaos here, even more chaotic than usual, and last Monday we were rushing around when we heard gun shots. We then realised that the goats were out, and the stampeded of them coming back to the house indicated that someone was shooting at my goats.

Thankfully the angry guy was  a bad shot, but he did manage to hit a few trees and skim the house, even when the goats were back on my land he continued to shoot at them. This then led to a 30 minute screaming match in bad Spanglish and many rude words!

Basically we were to get rid of the goats, the local people were in agreement, and unless I wanted the angry mobs returning with pitchforks and torches to shoot and kill the goats they were to go! Apparently the people in this valley do not keep goats "we" grow fruit.

Now, I am one to dig my heels in about anything, but I learnt a long time ago on this island as a foreigner, I could be in the right, have all the facts and still I would be in the wrong. So with a heavy heart the goats have gone to live on a goat farm on the island, which has left me bitter and plotting revenge.

Saturday, 3 August 2013


Yes I love making marmalade, but this blog post isn't food related, in fact it isn't directly Casa Chaos related! As some of you know, and for those that do't shame on you! I volunteer for the local animal charity, when I say volunteer I mean give my heart, home and sanity to attempting to change things on this small rock!

I am usually involved with the dog side of things, but occasionally I step into the feline side. Yesterday my daughter received a call from a friend of hers, stating there was an injured cat in his village, it is incredibly unusual for Canarian children to care, let alone reach out for help, so I said I would go and get the cat.

I always think that I can't be shocked any more, however, the level of cruelty on this island never ceases to amaze. What I found was a starving, affectionate cat that had been used as a football. Her head was cut and bleeding, her ears so badly infected that there were no longer ears.

The vets have predicted that she is an old lady, over 10 years old, which makes it even worse that she was once part of someone's home. This poor old cat had become yet another statistic of animals being thrown away when they are old. Numerous tests were given, and she was given the all clear for serious injuries.

The reason I am blogging about Marmalade as she is now known is to appeal for help, yes I have my begging bowl out! TARA is a non funded charity, and they rely on donations to save animals such as Marmalade! Any donations to pay for the vets bill would be appreciated even 1€....paypal:
read Marmalades story here

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bunnies are like Buses!

We haven't had baby bunnies for a while, until the not so virgin rabbit gave birth the other day. However, now it seems everyone is going to give birth, as Nicole decided to drop a load yesterday. We had our suspicions but you can never tell here in Casa Chaos.

Nicole had been getting out all the time recently, I originally thought she was jumping over the fence, but in fact she is climbing. Nicole has mastered a fantastic climbing ability, similar to spiderman. Therefore, no fence was keeping her in, and there had been reports of her up on the road, in the barrnaco, in the drive, and even in the goat pen.

However, we did manage to construct a super fence that was spiderman proof, and for the last few days she has gone no where. This it seems resulted in the onset of labour, and we now have  five wriggly jellybeans! I had forgotten how ugly newborn rabbits were, and as father is unknown we will need to wait and see what colour they are this time.