Monday, 15 April 2013

Morning Rant

I choose to blog for me, it is a fantastic way to document what is happening, and provides an on line diary for me to look back on and reflect. I am a sharing type of person, which is why I allow you all to have  a peek into life, and maybe realise that your life is far calmer! Which is why I don't expect an emailing claiming that what I write is c**p.

Now as a human being attempting to make a go of something I know nothing about, a little support from the people who take the time to read the blog is not too much to ask. However, if you feel that what I write is c**p feel free to keep moving, don't stop, and never return! Yes, I am banishing you from my blog, and I have made peace with that!

I have learnt that there are two choices: make peace with the dirty dishes, chicken shit, weeds, dirty clothes and fingernails, or keep fighting and becoming more stressed. I feel the same about people that take the time to write to me to moan and criticise. What I write is shared because I am generous, and if you don't like it, then leave, I am showing you the virtual door!

So, with my morning rant complete, I can move on with my day, and go back to my chaotic life, which I choose, and chase some chickens that hate me.  Watch my fat goat that has an eating problem, as people are now presuming, and wait for something to break or go wrong.

Want to stay and watch the chaos unfold, then I am glad to have you :)


  1. I love your blog - it's one of the first things that I look for when I turn the PC on each morning - I admire your resolve - I don't think that I could cope with the amount of animal-related tragedies that you've had to cope with recently. Keep up the good work - I'm off to see my chickens (who love me, by the way!!) xx

  2. Awww thank you sue, and I am glad that I brighten your day! I am beginning to wonder it they all just hate me or just some more than others lol ;-)

  3. I on the other hand read your blog last thing at night as it gives me something to smile about whilst wafting off to the wonderful frantic land you inhabit in my dreams. It is sad about the animals, but that's life and death and part of life's rich tapestry. Keep up the good work and I am working on coming out and buying your neighbour out as I dont' mind smelly, fornikatoring! noisy animals. That's if I can escape the human zoo - that is the NHS. Keep up the good work LOL Mxx

  4. I would love to have you as a neighbour M xx

  5. LOL........... believe me you are not the only one who has to deal with crackpots like that. I got a post on my blog the other day telling me what my duties as a blog writer were and that im obliged to update it daily. And that from a person who runs a blog by only posting daily one picture. ;-) She then proceded to tell me that she was no longer going to visit my blog. I then told her i will have no sleepless nights about it. ;-) But i know that with this person it was the Alkohol talking as in so many cases here on the island.

    I for one love your Blog and the way you write. Its straight from the heart, so keep on going.

  6. Just adding support here...I really enjoy your blog.

    As you know, I also isn't perfect, but what in life is? I enjoy doing it for please continue with yours, you do have fans!!!