Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tough Weekend

It feels at the moment that there are very few joyous events in Casa Chaos as in the space of a few days Miss Thunderpussy has died, followed by two 12 week old bunnies. One day they were fine, and the next dead, which is far harder than if they were ill. I was asked those immortal words again "why" and yet again I have no idea.

I Googled but to be honest it provided little comfort, loads of information, but nothing that made me leap out the chair and scream "yes that's it" I have always considered rabbits to be tough, and we have kept rabbits for years with no problems. The only thing I could think of was poisoning, but how everything they eat and drink is fresh, and rabbit friendly.

So, we spent the day dealing with tears, questions, and dead bunnies, staring that the remaining two, seeing if there were any signs, but nothing. I can feel my determination and passion, waiving and thinking that all of this is too much. There are only so many dead animals someone can cope with in their life, and too be honest I have had my fill.

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