Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Pigeon problems

Just as we think the rats are playing nice and keeping out of my way, pigeons have taken over and are becoming a huge pain. They wait until the food goes down, and like an army they swoop and eat every thing in their path. Now I have been researching what I can use to get rid of these annoying flying vermin, and it seems there are many fantastic solutions.

Rice is the all time favourite to feed pigeons, some say it makes them explode mid flight and others say it simply bloats them and kills them. To be honest I don't care which version happens, although exploding pigeons does sound quite funny.

A lady was trying to advise me on "natural" ways to remove the pigeons, and suggested removing the food and water sources. Fantastic advice I will take away all the food and water, and yes the pigeons will be gone, but every other animal will be dead, so a bit drastic! There is no natural, lets be nice and shoo them away action.

A gun is next on our list, and hubby is rather excited about this fact, and too be honest I am beginning to agree with him that a gun may be useful. We could all take pot shots as these annoying birds, however, I am still liking the exploding pigeon idea. Yes I know it is cruel, but so is eating all my goat food so Jill cannot eat it, so all is fair really.

Google has produced many fantastic ideas including alka seltzer and baking powder, apparently it reacts with their stomach acids and again they explode. The fact that there are many websites dedicated to how to kill pigeons indicates I am not alone in my quest. So, operation lets kill the pigeons is starting, and I will report back which method caused the best results....all in the name of science and experiments of course.


  1. I can just see it now, feed Pigeons with rice, Pigeons fly off, Pigeons explode mid air and it´s raining blood guts and gore. ;-)

  2. Hi, is this not the funniest thing ever. I have pigeon problem in the courtyard outside my office and we have tried everything. Now we have to be very careful as the courtyard over looked on all four side on three floors and technically we are not supposed to go out there as there is no money for maintenance and if we fall etc no compo elf & saffey (as we have been told not to) Anyway, I have been in this office for 7yrs and we had no pigeons (just wagtails, lovely little things) but due to construction work elsewhere on site, they have migrated to our yard, we have had 6 clutches hatched under step and even though it has been blocked up they still keep coming back to home!!. I have tried shooing and sushing, waving my bright yellow idea umbrella at them, but no, they want to continue cooing, fornikatoring and crapping on my windows & door Estates blocked the nesting area but alas alak they keep coming.
    so any suggestions that work and won't land me in prison would be appreciated. I am bow becoming know as the 'Crazy Pigeon Lady'.ring any bells!!!

  3. As soon as I come up with an answer I assure you I will pass the knowledge on to a fellow crazy lady! :)