Monday, 29 April 2013

Appreciating the Little Things

I have been away for the weekend, no they didn't finally lock me up for being insane, I had to return to the UK to do the yearly lets visit Nan trip. This entailed me and two children having  along, hectic weekend in the freezing cold. We left hubby in charge at Casa Chaos and he did a fantastic job in my absence.

I have come home even more tired, which is never a good thing, however, the time away has made me appreciate what I have, and what I never want to go back to in life. Everywhere you go in the UK there are people, pushing, shoving, and generally having no concern for others. The weather was OK  no that is a lie it was freezing cold in fact I stood on Brighton Pier with the temperature of 9c, and thought I am going to die.

It was lovely to see family and friends, and these are the elements of the UK that I do miss, but other than Asda, give me Casa Chaos any day! I have come home and am enjoying the  peace and quiet, appreciating all those small things that I had forgotten were there.

Chicks were born whilst I was away, and Jake and Finn are now huge. Billy has still not returned, and Jill is still as huge as ever! but apart from that all seems well, and I am now ready to face the next 12 months with enthusiasm and determination :)