Sunday, 7 April 2013

Braxton Hicks?

Do goats have Braxton Hicks is the debate at the moment, as I was so sure that Jill was ready to have her kids, but it seems not. She is back up running around without a care in the world, which is more annoying. Who knows when she will give birth, but thank you all for the messages, and offers of help.

One woman was telling me yesterday that assisting with the birth is all to do with the size of your hands, thank god I have big hands! I did point out that she however, had very small hands and that she was more than welcome to pop over to help!

I have also been sent many videos showing goat births, thanks for those, nothing better to put you off your breakfast! I think it is one of those things that you cannot prepare for, and if I need to delve in I will, or I will phone a friend with small hands, and a calm manner. I have a few of those on speed dial thankfully.

So, we all wait with baited breath and hope that Jill remains in the pen, we have evicted the chicken and her chicks, so that is a start. I will of course let everyone know the moment we have babies, and if you are really lucky you will have photos of a small hand delving around assisting!

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