Wednesday, 10 April 2013

How Stupid Are You?

I am convinced that all of the stupid people were dropped on this island to begin a new community as an experiment, as surely you cannot have this many stupid people in one place out of sheer luck! I was talking to a fraggle the other day about the farmers markets, and how successful they have become. She said that they are an enjoyable day, but some times the farmers are rude.

Now this I find hard to believe, and asked her why she says that, however, once she told me some of the ridiculous questions that she asks the farmers you can see why they get so angry. Apparently it is normal for her to ask:

"Was this picked fresh this morning"- as I explained to her, think about that logically, I know farmers get up early, but as the market often opens at 7,30am. For the last hour he was setting up his stall, before that he drove to the market, and before that he would have had his morning coffee, brushed his teeth, and kissed his wife goodbye.

At what point do you think he had time to pick everything for the market as it takes hours to pick quantities of fruit and vegetables. At this point I have a picture of the farmer out in the fields with a headlamp on at 1am  picking veg so that this stupid fraggle can have freshly picked veg from that day! Another favourite question of hers is:

"I know you are not open yet, but can I buy something now as I'm in a hurry"-  Would you ask the same thing of the local cafe? You can just imagine this fraggle stood knocking on the cafe door, peering in and asking them to make her a coffee , as she is running late! If the farmers stop for everyone that asked them to sell produce before the bell, they would never be ready for when the market did open.

I explained that with these sorts of questions, it is no wonder that the farmers are slightly rude, and have no time for people like her. Surely is it too much to ask for you to be polite, wait for the bell, think before opening your mouth, and simply enjoy the delicious fresh produce! Unfortunately  on this island, it would seem that is asking FAR too much!

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