Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Peppa is food not friend...

When we moved in here we wanted to try and be self sufficient, which would always mean eating some of our own animals. For me this was never an issue as I had grown up on a farm, and understood exactly where my meals come from, however, it soon became apparent that other people would not see this the same way we did.

I did my research and worked out that from a small piglet, we would get over 45kg of meat, which is a huge amount of pork. This would save us a massive amount, and provide top quality pork, which was hand reared and organic. Making the decision to eat one of your own animals does not happen over night, and you need to ensure that you are comfortable with the process.

You have to learn from the beginning that the pig is a food growing process and at the end of it the animal will need to be slaughtered. Now, before, you all think that I have lost the plot and want to re inact a scene from the latest slasher movie, I had no intention of butchering the pig. She will be collected and returned to me in bite size pieces.

Some people feel this is double standards and if I am not prepared to kill the animal, then what gives me the right to eat her. Well if that is the case every supermarket would go out of business, as 90% of people who shop there have no idea where the meat comes from. People told us not to name the pig, but why not she was part of our family for the five months she would be here, the clear difference was Peppa is food not a pet.

From the moment I posted pictures of Peppa the emails begun, how I was cruel, wrong and they couldn't believe that I was going to kill a pet. Believe me she is funny, entertaining, and fun at times, however, we have no use for a 45kg pet, so once she is ready she will go off to be butchered. As I pointed out to many people, one way or another they are doing exactly the same thing every time they buy the bacon for their sandwiches.

Surely it is better to know where your food comes from, what it ate growing up, and how it was slaughtered? Buying your pork from the supermarket may be far easier, and allows you to pretend that it is different, however, I know that Peppa is living in pig paradise, compared to the pigs which are mass produced for meat, so next time all you complainers bite into your bacon sandwiches, consider who is actually being cruel!


  1. "She will be collected and returned to me in bite size pieces."

    Made me laugh out loud!

  2. you are so right......."so next time all you complainers bite into your bacon sandwiches, consider who is actually being cruel!" .....will you be making crackling?...yummy....btw enjoying reading your blog:) pity it doesnt go well with lemon curd!