Monday, 23 July 2012

Escaping chickens

I spend many long hours pondering how to keep my chickens in, and sometimes feel like the lady from the movie Chicken Run. Patrolling up and down the fence watching for escaping chickens, muttering "No chicken escapes from our farm". I want to keep my chickens contained in the orchards, and like the idea of setting up a similar environment to a prisoner of war camp.

There have been many times where I have threatened the chickens that chicken pie will be their fate, if they do not lay enough eggs. Pacing up and down the fence, I feel like a prison guard, waiting for the under achievers to jump out and beg for forgiveness. Due to my harsh regime, and pie threatening manner, I'm sure that the chickens sit in their trees planning how to escape.

Now, it isn't every chicken, and like all large groups there are only one or two which are the main trouble makers. Thankfully, I know exactly which chickens these are, as being the stupid creatures they are, they can jump/fly out but cannot get back in to the orchards. Therefore, we often find the rogue chickens stood at the gate waiting to be let back in to POW camp.

As I make the chickens perform the walk of shame back into the orchard, threatening them with the pie fate, I'm sure that they begin to mutter amongst themselves. You can see the others rush over to the escaped prisoner, wondering what is so a magical on the other side of the fence. Who knows why some of the chickens feel the need to escape daily, however, I will win the war, and contain the chickens...regardless of the mutterings of, "I don't want to be a pie, I don't like gravy"

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