Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ooops I did It Again!

I have a very bad habit of going out for one thing and returning with something entirely different. Now this wasn't such a huge issue when we lived in a normal house, and I would pop to the shops for butter and return with coffee. However, now I tend to pop out for say chilli's and return with goats! Which some would say was normal!

My husband has now got to the stage of offering to go out for what we need, in fear of what I return with on my next trip out, however, in my defence it could have been far worse than goats. Just in case you are wondering, no, you cannot get goats in the local supermarket. I popped into the garden centre again, which does seem to be my downfall.

I needed to discuss mango's with him, and had no intention of leaving with any animals, as I entered through the doors, I kept saying be strong! After the mango discussion had been had, the subject swiftly turned to it always does. As we wandered through his huge array of different animals, he offered me horses, dogs, cats, another pig, all of which  I remained strong and said no.

The problem was he was heading towards the goats, this was my biggest test of strength as these small cute animals are very tempting. The sensible part of me was saying no, what would I do with goats, however, milk, and cheese were popping into my head. I stood my ground for at least 10 minutes, explaining I had no money, and no where to put the goat.

Unfortunately, the garden centre man is fantastic at bartering, and by the time I walked out of the garden centre, I had in fact, agreed to have two goats.....if you are wondering where I suddenly got the money to pay for the goats, I swapped them for mango's of course!! This was going to be a difficult one to explain to the husband, oh well at least I sold the mango's sort of!!

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