Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Battery update

We have affectionately named the rescued hens, the batteries not very original, but it means I can talk about them and people know what I mean. They are all doing well, in fact far better than I imagined and are all still alive. Now, I am not shocked by this due to my ability to kill animals, but because of the overall condition of the hens.

Watching the batteries is amusing, and they perform the strangest of manoeuvres especially when something appears to be threatening to them, i.e a leaf, or a twig. Yes, I am being serious, these poor animals are terrified of everything, including their own shadows. It is like they have been in solitary confinement, and are unsure of what the outside world holds.

As they do their ninja moves throughout the orchard, well the two foot in front of the gate, as they have not ventured any further, they are amusing. However, they have two incredibly strange habits which cause use the most humour. Where they lay and where they sleep! these two factors cause me to chuckle, and I know its not their fault, but it is funny.

I understand that the batteries are used to small confined spaces which is why they feel comfortable sleeping in the furrow. For those not in the farm lingo know, the furrow is like a small, narrow ditch, which runs through the orchards to allow water to run freely through the farms. Thankfully at this time of year it is dry, however, unless they change their sleeping habits soon, they are going to get wet.

Now laying, I am used to feral chickens that lay everywhere, however, the batteries do it in style, as they lay EVERYWHERE. Thankfully in a two foot radius, making it easy to find the eggs! however, they just stand up and lay an egg. So wherever, they are stood, there will be an egg, which includes, by the water, in the food, in the furrow, by the gate, under trees, you are getting the picture now!

Unfortunately, this has made it easier for the egg thief to strike (see previous blog) causing me to have to perform an egg check every ten minutes! Whoever said farm life was easy, has obviously never lived here, however, they are good layers and they are now part of our mad world!

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