Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lettuce fetish!

Chicken food is extremely boring looking, and I think all animals deserve variety in their diet, therefore, I like to give the chickens something different. They used to get the veg scraps before Peppa arrived, but as everything now goes to the big lump, the chickens were missing out. I Googled some different questions regarding chickens and vegetables, and it seems there are people more mad than me, which does amaze me!

I have always fed the chickens and chicks lettuce, just basic, standard lettuce, and they all go mad for it, and will fight to get the unassuming pieces of green nothingness. Lettuce is one of those weird foods, that we all eat, yet it has no nutritional value at all. If they see me coming into the orchard with lettuce, they all begin to circle me, like the great white shark in JAWS.

I have no idea what the fascination is with lettuce, but they are amusing to watch when they run from every corner of the orchard, racing to beat one another to the tasteless leaves. This is the extent of my input into their salad diet. However, when Googling, I found some interesting websites which detail how chicken owners have built their chickens salad bars.

Apparently you need to build the chickens a covered salad bar, so they can watch their food growing, but they cannot get to it until it is grown, and comes through the chicken wire..Surely that is like dangling a piece of chocolate cake behind a fence in front of a fat kid, pure torture! Anyway, I continued to read on, and it would appear that you need to plant "special" chicken salad to go in your torture box!

Why on earth is there specialist chicken salad seed mix, however, it does get stranger as it appears, you can also buy chicken caviar!! at this point I moved away from the strange website, and decided that
even on my degrees of madness, I feel it would be a step to far if I asked hubby to build me a torture box, I mean salad bar for the chickens!

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