Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cactus cat

All of our animals are slightly strange, bordering on weird and defiantly clumsy, however, Felix surpassed himself yesterday! Felix is one of our cats, who we love dearly and was saved from a group of kids dragging him along the road behind a skateboard. Due to the intense banging of his head on the road we do think he is slight more dopey than he should be.

Felix loves lizards, and will often bring them in and sit with them hanging out of his mouth proudly staring up at me like a small child that has just drawn on the white walls with a crayon. The cat has very few demands apart from never take his lizard away. His desire for lizards is extreme, and he will chase them everywhere including in cactus's as we discovered yesterday.

Just as I was about to sit down for a coffee with a friend, which happens very rarely in this house, Felix appeared covered in cactus bits. He had a huge part of a cactus sticking out of his side, and stupidly he had tried to remove it with his mouth! Therefore, Felix now had a mouth full of cactus spikes, they were everywhere, paws, face, mouth side, you name it and there was a spike.

Why cant my children and animals give me half an hour of peace without a drama! so we sprung into action tweezers and pliers were grabbed and without thought to my own hands, arms, face, and every other part of me that the cat scratched and a cactus ended up, we begun to remove the spikes. This is no easy task when the person who has stupidly got attached to the cactus sits still, and as you can imagine Felix had no intention of sitting still whilst I rammed a pair of pliers down his throat.

After an hour of struggle, swearing, and shaking my head how on earth he had got cactus needles everywhere, we finally were happy that he had them all out. We released Felix hoping he would go and lay down for a while and recover, however, to my complete disbelief he went straight back over to the cactus, in search of his lizard that has gone missing. Why o why can't any of my animals just be normal!!

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