Monday, 13 August 2012

How to carry the eggs...

Collecting the eggs that the chickens have decided to lay can be fun, it can also be challenging and dangerous. As you all know my chickens never lay in the nice nesting boxes that were built for them, they lay everywhere. Or the chickens that do decide to lay in the nesting boxes don't spread the wealth between the 10 nesting boxes, they ALL choose one box!

We have a basket for the eggs to go in, however, I forget it on a daily basis, and end up using anything nearby to place the eggs in. This includes feed buckets, scoops, pockets and if the egg ratio is more than 3:1 they will often go in the makeshift egg carrier called the bottom of my t-shirt. Some would call this initiative  others would call it laziness for not wanting to walk all the way back upstairs.

Whatever you call it, this activity happens often, and many times I will find the odd egg as I am wandering through the orchards. So, in complete madness these eggs will often go in my pocket!! Now, I have a lot going on, which typically means that I tend to have several lapses of memory throughout the day.

Therefore, the egg in my pocket will get forgotten, until it breaks, which is the oddest feeling as you realise that the goo running down your leg is in fact egg! I have learnt that the quickest way to clean up egg goo is with cold water, as hot water creates the strangest wet, scrambled egg! I have always considered myself to be intelligent, however, the egg in the pocket continues to be an event that takes place often!


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