Monday, 20 August 2012

The lump of lard is driving me crazy!

Peppa has been trying my patience this weekend, and unless she is careful she will become bacon sandwiches far quicker than intended. For every person that doubts whether we will in fact butcher the lump of lard, please come and spend a day with her. Soon, you will be imagining her on a plate with an apple in her mouth.

Pig enclosure building was never something that I claimed to be an expert at, however, I had Googled and seen that pigs will stay in very basic pens. However, our pig doesn't see it like that and escapes at every opportunity. Peppa has an ability to destroy everything including pallets, fencing and rocks, which are all used to keep her in. Smashing her way out of the pen seems to be her entertainment for the day, and this weekend I had enough.

The problem is Peppa is next to the maternity wing, where I have some very small chicks, and mixing these with a 36kg lump is dangerous. Peppa wants to play. However, she doesn't think that tossing a tiny chick in the air, will do it any harm. Thankfully she hasn't killed any yet, but it will only be a matter of time before she does. The famous four spend most of their day in with Peppa, I'm sure she thinks it is to be friendly, when the reality it is because she has food.

So, we spent the weekend catching the pig, encouraging her back into her pen, being snotted on, and repairing the walls to her luxury accommodation. Hopefully she will behave this week, or she could be off to the butcher earlier than planned. Everyone keeps asking will I do it all again when she goes to be butchered....hmmm the jury is still out on that!

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