Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Egg throwing....

Egg throwing should become an Olympic sport as my son is extremely good at it, and gives clear indications of the contents as he is performing his task. We often discover batches of eggs laying around especially in the barranco outside the house. These eggs have been abandoned by the chickens, and my son being 10 is often curious to the condition of the eggs.

Eggs that we find inside the orchard, or close by will have the float test performed, which is where we pop the egg into a bucket of water. If they float it is off, sinks it is good, and in the middle, well who knows! Any eggs that don't sink are then handed to my son to dispose of in a way that only a 10 year old can achieve.

Being a boy, he is fascinated by anything disgusting, therefore, loves to find the stinkiest of rotten eggs, and inform the world that he has achieved this. So, he stands in the drive and one by one will throw the eggs into the barranco. You may think he does this quickly, however, he comments on every egg to ensure that everyone knows what he has discovered.

So, you will hear..."rotten"...."chick" (they are dead..which doesn't make it any better, but I don't want you to think that we let him throw live chicks on the rocks)..."fresh" (yes, some do fail the float test and are still OK, however, once smashed all over the rocks, they are no good) Typically after the rotten eggs are thrown he comments on how stinky they were, goes to investigate, and then complains about the smell. Just before launching the next egg and performing the ritual all over again.

Before anyone comments, yes we do have a TV and this is not his only form of amusement, however, it is the task that he enjoys the most, and one that keeps him amused for hours. Although, throwing lemons at the old car, is another job he loves :-)

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