Sunday, 5 August 2012

Siesta Time....

A day without a siesta is like a cupcake without frosting, they go hand in hand, and are an essential part of the day. When we first moved to Spain I scoffed at the people who went off mid afternoon for a "little" nap. However, I am now one of those people that need my power nap, and I am not alone, the daily siesta count is high.

Dog naps, cat naps, chicken naps, and even bunny naps are all vital to ensure that we function. maybe it is the heat, but it gets to a time of day when everything slows down and has that sleepy appearance. This nap has nothing to do with the lack of sleep that we seem to get, as I can sleep for hours, even with my massive daily intake of coffee. However, siesta time has become important, and I can feel myself needing this time every day.

It is not like there is nothing to be done, and I could think of a million things that need fixing, painting, building, or picking. But there is something about this siesta time, which is vital to everyone, apart from my husband who is superhuman and can live with very little sleep. So, as we all settle down for our afternoon nap, you will find the chickens snoozing in the trees, the dog curled up on the sofa, and the cats wherever they can find a spot! Me I prefer the sofa, with a comfy pillow, and 30 minutes of peace!

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