Friday, 31 August 2012

Mystery in the goat pen!

Jack and Jill are contained in the front part of one of the orchards, where they have numerous trees, a purpose built house, a very high fence and lots of dirt. Often when I wander in there they come running over, to see if I have food, and once they realise I don't they go back to doing what goats do best...eating!! Now as you know wherever I go, a procession of animals follow, so quite often I am in the goat pen with two dogs and three cats.

Yesterday when I walked through everything was fine and there were no problems, however, when I came back to leave there was a huge hole right in the middle of the goat pen. I stood there starring at the hole wondering if we had experienced an earthquake, or the goats were trying to dig an escape tunnel to freedom. I also considered if my husband had finally killed the nosey neighbour and was preparing the shallow grave.

I considered if the other animals might have dug the hole, the cats looked at me with a disgusted look of why would we! Charlie looked at me as if to say do I look like i would be bothered to dig a hole.....however, Max bounded over to the hole and sat proudly in the middle, wagging his tale with the sheer delight of any small person wanting to show a parent their latest creation. The innocent look of "I have no idea how that hole got there" was short lived as he continued to dig, and play, and roll, only as puppies can do with such enthusiasm.

Mystery solved, and Max looked very confused as we filled the hole in, so no one falls in the crater that he had produced. However, I have a feeling this wont be the last hole that Max chooses to produce....

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