Saturday, 4 August 2012

How much does the pig weigh?

Someone asked me the other day how I had weighed Peppa to determine that she was 20KG, as I keep referring to her as that weight. They questioned my pig knowledge, and asked if I had weighed her recently..errr no! The same opinionated person (who shall remain nameless) also told me that I need to weigh her to determine whether she is putting on the correct about of body weight.

As I stood there pondering the fact that maybe this person was correct, I wondered how the hell I was going to weigh Peppa. Firstly I didn't have a baseline weight as I didn't weigh Peppa when she arrived, ok ok rookie mistake however, I'm learning! Also the thought of trying to get Peppa near scales is simply not appealing, and in my opinion weighing her would be like teaching her to sing.. annoying and a waste of time! So, I decided that I would use my expert pig knowledge to look at her and determine how heavy she was.

Quickly I rushed off to Google in search of other pig farmers in the same dilemma, as I entered " how to weigh my pig" I had that insanity feeling again, but hey they happen every day! Now as usual there is always a clever pig farmer on hand to assist, and it seems that measuring your pig was how to discover the weight.

As I read on, it seems that you need to measure from ears to tail, and girth, then multiply length x girth x girth, divide by 400 and hey presto you have their weight! No lifting, swearing or scales needed, what a fantastic idea. All you need is a piece of string and a pig that stands still, hmmmm that could be the issue, how the hell do I get Peppa to stand still for long enough!

Pig measuring will need to wait for another day, in fact it can go on my ever growing "to do" list that is become a book rather than a list. Oh well, just another day in the culo del mundo!

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