Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Incredible Sleeping Cat....

Our youngest cat Diablo, has an incredible ability to fall asleep anywhere, for designated power naps, which cause us and guests a huge amount of amusement. This has become a daily occurance, and I even take pictures now to send to friends, so they can be kept up to date with the strange power nap locations.

The cat will be walking past and suddenly just sleep on the floor, which is funny, and not at all strange as I have the ability to do the same thing. I can also sleep anywhere, and have proven this ability several times, by falling asleep within minutes of sitting down, at the table, at my desk and in the car. However, Diablo seems to like strange locations for his power naps including, on the potato sack, dog bed, fish tank, kitchen table, by the duck pond, in the rabbit hutch, plant pot and under the car!

Its under the car that has caused the most concern as he simply does not move when the engine is on, and as proved the other day when the car is moving. Only I could manage to run our own cat over, but yes I did in fact roll the car over Diablo!! As I went to move from the drive, i heard this almighty noise, and realised immediately that there was a cat stuck under the car, I put the car in reverse and released the cat! leaping out of the car I caught up with the cat, and thought I had broken his leg for certain, and bundled him off to the vet.

The vet confirmed that I had broken his hip, however, as he is still so young, there was nothing they could do, and we simply had to wait. I was mortified, and as I watched Diablo hop everywhere i had mixed feelings of "why didn't the stupid cat move" to "feeling sick that I had run the cat over! The vet informed us that the hip would fuse back together, and in time they could break it again and re set it, but Diablo would not be very active for a while...with that he leapt off the table and proceeded to have a good nose around.

Diabo is hopping everywhere, and the hip has fused, but in a strange position,which means that he hardly uses the leg. However, this  has not stopped him, and he continues to run, leap, terrorise every other animal, and sleeps where he shouldn't, including under the car! Diablo certainly lost one of his lives that day, and I am just grateful that he was so young, that there is hope that he will recover fully.

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  1. Love my little cockroach cruncher. He needs to live out his other 8 lives with me!!