Tuesday, 14 August 2012

We weighed the pig!

Alongside this blog I also keep fans updated on Facbook with day to day activities that happen, and usually this involves the 30kg lump of lard named Peppa. Like a child Peppa has good days and bad days, and yesterday was a bad day! she has quickly worked out that her brain power may not be the highest, but her fat to pig ratio is massive. This means that when she applies her full bodyweight against something it typically collapses.

We are not pig pen building experts, and even Google cannot help to keep the pig where she should be, so when she is in her defiant, I'm going to destroy everything mood she often gets out. Now Im used to my children destroying their bedrooms, and in fact one of my older sons did a tremendous job of his room when he was a teenager. We have the video to prove the devastation that one teenage boy can create when he is told NO.

Peppa is very similar and she can destroy everything in her path! therefore, I posted this on Facebook yesterday and someone doubted by calculation on how heavy she was! I had estimated that she was now a 30KG lump of lard. Further to my previous blog about how to weigh your pig, people had asked if I had i fact climbed in with her and measured her...my reply " Do I look stupid", however, I know someone who is stupid enough to grab her wellies and rise to the challenge.

We tackled this quest as we do everything here, 20 minutes on Google, then camera in hand and daughter in pig pen! Peppa considered the tape measure to be food, however, she considers EVERYTHING to be food. Once we had distracted her enough the measuring begun. Like a military operation the plan was to get in, get measured and get out!

Peppa had other ideas and she decided that today she wouldn't stand still, she would nip and bite everything within a 10 meter radius, and that all the attention was fantastic. Yet another task that took far longer than anticipated, the only good thing was I was on non smelly side of the fence with the camera. eventually we had the measurements, and off I went back to Google to work out the calculation.

I love it when I'm right, and I do gain satisfaction from saying the immortal words of "I told you so" therefore, when it was revealed that my guess of 30KG was not that far out I felt the warmth of smugness! I may be no pig farmer but I know my cuts of meat, and I had guessed 30KG when Peppa is in fact 36KG...which is not that far off...bring on the bacon!

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