Saturday, 25 August 2012

Chicken moat...

I have decided that I either read far too many strange websites, or I have an incredibly active imagination as my latest idea proves. We still have a few chickens which are determined to leave the POW camp regardless of what I do, therefore, I am searching for ways to keep them in their designated areas. When I stumbled across a lady that had built a moat around her chicken enclosure!

Firstly this extreme idea posed the question whether chickens can swim, as I for one have never seen them swim anywhere. However, it seems that yes they can swim, although this is never through their own choice, more for survival. I begun to study the designs for the moat, and could imagine little bridges, turrets and look out posts for the chickens.

At this point I was brought back to earth with a bump when I realised how big our orchards are and how much of a moat we would need! I didn't even bother mentioning it to the hubby, as I could imagine this idea would push him over the edge. However, you never know he might build me a drawbridge to enter the orchard, if I smile sweetly at him!!

So, for the moment we have no moats, no turrets, and escaping chickens that are driving me mad. Back to Google to see what other crazy ideas, I can come up with to contain the chickens and prove I am going slightly crazy!

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