Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Goodbye August

August has been a tough month for one reason and another, and to be honest I wont be sorry to see the back of it, and move on into September. The heat throughout this month has been relentless, which has brought numerous problems. Trying to cope with soaring heats is no fun, but to try and keep every animal cool and alive is a huge challenge.

During the month we have had two chickens die, a couple of chicks, which didn't make it and a massive drop in egg production. This has resulted in many loyal customers being disappointed, but sorry guys there is nothing I can do! The rate of mangos being produced due to the intense heat has resulted in many being thrown away as they are far too ripe, and not fit for human or even pig consumption.

August has been a steep learning curve in many ways, and hopefully as we move into September, I can put my happy farmer hat back on, and enjoy being here in cooler weather. There have been times this month when I have doubted why we are here, (in the finca, not on the planet!) However, determination is my middle name, and I knew this would be a challenge from the moment I walked in to the finca...lets just hope for cooler weather, and less stress.

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  1. Plus September brings 3 trainees to the finca! One that's scared of all animals, one that will have a different outfit styled for every animal and meeeeeee!