Tuesday, 25 June 2013

BBQ Goat

The goats are driving me insane at the moment, as they keep escaping at every opportunity, and the other day we spent the whole day putting them back. Now I have no issues with them escaping and heading up the 25,000 square meters of mountain to eat anything, and everything in their way. However, I do mind that they keep ending up in my drive eating the bushes.

Why can they not just stay where they have been put, or even escape in a subtle way that doesn't irritate me. I realise at this point that I am attempting to find the logic of a goat! On top of the escaping goats, Rico is driving everyone mad, with his constant horny goat noises, and the over affectionate behaviour.

When you go into the goat pen he runs for you, now not in a friendly way, and he is vicious. Jack was always a pain in the arse, however, he was controllable, Rico simply isn't and I think it is time for Rico to go. Before, you all jump on the save Rico bandwagon, I am trying to find him a new home. Although BBQing him seems like a fantastic idea.


  1. I know that it's wrong to laugh at your misfortunes - but reading about your daily exploits makes my life seem so sane by comparison! Thank you so much!
    P.S. I hope you home Rico soon x

  2. Aw poor Rico, but poor you too :-( perhaps he will mellow with age? If of course he lasts that long! xx

  3. Thanks Sue I think I just attract crazy animals, or I make them crazy :) sane whats that! x