Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Use for the Compost

I have found a use for the compost heap, and no it is not what you think. I must admit my vain attempt at composting is not going so well, it has become more like a storage bin for the straw! However, someone has found that it is the ideal place to lay eggs.

Vicious Mama has decided that this is her perfect nesting box and has taken the compost heap as her own private condo. Not only is it warm, comfortable, away from the other chickens, but it is also close to the duck food which she can be seen stealing often.

In her defence we tend not to go near the compost heap that often so the fact that she has been in there unnoticed is our fault. Oh well, I'm glad she has found a use for it, and by the looks of the batch of eggs she has been there a while. Lets see how many chicks she produces this time!

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