Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New Arrival

I am sure that all of the animals on the island run and hide when they hear we are searching for new additions for Casa Chaos. However, a lady approached TARA the other day offering two rabbits for rehoming, and of course my attention was drawn to the female of the two.

Since Miss Thunderpussy died, Hoppity has been lonely, and can often be seen laying around, not doing a lot and generally looking unhappy. Therefore, operation find him a girlfriend was always in my mind. Voile, a female bunny came along, and she is now happily hopping around the bunny enclosure.

The bunny is quite cute, and as my daughter was not allowed to name the goats due to crap name choices, I bestowed the honour of naming the rabbit on her. How bad could it be you may ask, well she had five attempts at naming one rabbit and all five were rubbish!

I pity my grandchildren who will end up having the weirdest of names and be teased for generations. Anyway rabbit names are not difficult but as usual the names were stupid. Epic fail on her part, so we named her Rosie which was an original goat name and suits our new arrival perfectly.

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