Saturday, 8 June 2013

I Have Waged War!

As you all know I am not good at growing things, therefore, when I achieve this goal I am delighted. It may only be some tomatoes to everyone else, but to me its the world. Therefore, when anything, or anyone jeopardize these small hint of happiness, I am not happy.

I had been growing different things, including lettuces which were doing really well, and all I could think was "Wow I grew those" sad I know but very true! Therefore, when I went to water them a few days ago and they had been decimated, I was crushed.

What had caused the damage I hear you ask, well for once it wasn't a chicken, duck, goat or even a rabbit. It was an army of small, green, horrible caterpillars and they had just waged war! Quickly I begun picking these horrible little creatures off my lettuces in the vain hope that I could save the pathetic looking leaves.

I begun throwing the caterpillars into the chicken orchard, recycling them for the chickens lunch. This was not met with approval by my daughter, who believes she has already taken the vets oath, mixed in with a bit of Buddhism.

I do not care if she believes that no harm should be done to any living animal, or that I need to show loving kindness to all animals.
I pointed out mid throwing that in fact the caterpillars had broken their own  Buddhist oath and were not showing me equal respect! Therefore, they were becoming lunch, and if you believe in Buddhism, that I do believe is karma!

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