Thursday, 27 June 2013

Grab the Safety Gear

That time has arrived, we are not prepared, and I am not going near vicious Mama without full safety gear! Yes, she has begun to hatch her eggs in the compost heap, now why is this an issue I hear you cry. Errrr because she isn't called vicious Mama for nothing.

This chicken is a fantastic mum, she protects her brood with her life, and stays with them at all times. However, this is where the issues come, as I remember the last time she was in the maternity wing, needing a rake to feed everything. Not for any other reason than my own safety.

Now you may think I am being a wimp, and I am not typically afraid of many things ( apart from the dark oh and zombies) but this chicken can leap and karate kick all in one swift motion. There were many times when I left the area as Is aw her approaching.

Therefore, to get her and her chicks off the compost heap I want safety gear, full safety gear, which will ensure that none of her kung foo movements are effective. Or I may just send the children, and remain in the safety of my home, locked in, watching from the window, and sniggering!

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