Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Can a Duck Climb up a Tree?

This is a question I found myself asking last week when I discovered Finn up the tree. Now on first glance you think, no don't be silly she flew there, however, this was not the case. Finn had climbed the tree, using her claws, which not resemble something similar to Freddy Kruggar!

Duck care has been lapse recently, and I havnt had chance to clip the ducks wings, or look at their claws. Normal ducks have really short claws, however, Muscovy ducks have long talons to climb, and protect themselves. Hence why Finn, is using hers to explore what she can climb.

I begun to read what to do with the ducks to avoid them climbing up everything, and using their talons to attack. But then I thought why bother, ducks up the trees is no different to chickens up the trees, which I was told didnt happen. Also I think that owning a guard duck is quite cool, and that if I could train them to attack on command this would be fun!

Imagine the call to 911

"Please come quick, I have been attacked"
"By what"
"Its huge, vicious, and has really long talons"
"OMG what is the creature that attacked you, a dog?, bear? savage wolf?"
" errrrr no a duck"

With that thought in mind I have left the ducks as they are, and have begun researching guard ducks, and training capabilities. Hmmm this could be fun!

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