Monday, 3 June 2013

The Great Goat Escape

The goats had been on lock down since Cafe and Leche had arrived, and in all fairness to them they were going stir crazy. Jack had begun to pace the fences, plotting and planning where to escape. Jill is always happy to go along with Jacks plans and Rico, well Rico just does what everyone else is doing.

So, Sunday morning arrived, and I had warned all the animals to behave, not because I was insane, well only slightly, but because we had visitors arriving. I love my blog followers, and there are a few that I personally know and consider to be my friends.

This one lady follows the blog, comments when I am at my low points, and genuinely believes in what I do everyday. She is also the mum of a close friend, so when he asked if she could come and visit the baby goats, I did not hesitate with the answer.

Hence why the goats and everything else was told to behave, but in typical Casa Chaos style this was never going to happen. Just as I begun to think the day would be calm, Jack escaped, closely followed by Rico, Jill, Cafe and Leche. Now this you would think would not be a big deal, however, they went straight up the mountain, and did not stop.

The speed that the babies climbed was incredible, and there was no doubting they are in fact mountain goats. if not bad enough that I had the great goat escape to contend with, but the kittens decided to join them on their mid morning ramble!

Leaving us to watch as five goats, three kittens, and Tazzy decided that mountaineering was a Sunday morning activity. Why can't anything be normal and behave just for once!

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  1. They think they have to keep you entertained. They heard that comment the other day about yoz doing nothing. :-)