Thursday, 24 July 2014

Living Abroad- Makes or Breaks You!

Many things change forever when you live abroad, and regardless of how much you think they won't these are inevitable. The first few years you seem to be on a rollercoaster of emotions, where you learn, develop and grow.

You evolve, feel homesick and begin to build a life, I have been on this rock for nearly nine years and oh how my life has changed! So, my top things that have changed since I lived abroad are:

My ability to hold a conversation in more than one language is amazing, I find myself saying random words, often in the wrong language at different times. Learning and understanding a new language can be tough, and often it is the basics and swear words that you learn first.

Learning to never get attached to people may seem harsh, however, far too many are simply passing through. I have learnt the ability to bond, but to also let go when necessary. Friends come and go, people who were important move on and build new lives.

Normality has been removed from my life, as the word "normal" is what society want us to conform to everyday. I have learnt there are other ways of doing things, which have now become why world. You learn a huge amount about yourself, and your character when you are thrown into difficult situations everyday.

Nostalgia brings you back to earth with a bump when you least expect it, and the overwhelming feeling of being homesick can be hard. It may be a song, a smell or even a food that transports you back to an old life. There are times when I want to return, even for a minute to share that feeling with people that I miss.

Change is something that you either embrace or it will destroy your dreams, everything changes when you move abroad. it shakes up your world, provides challenges and brings out your fears. I found tackling this head on, was the best way to get through!

With all that said, would I go back, nope never....I may miss the shoes, the shopping, the endless lunches with friends that I thought would be there forever. However, these are all a distant memory as we have built a new life, where I can honestly say I am far happier than I ever was in the UK.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

One Crazy lady and a Unicorn!

Well the time had come, we had delayed it for long enough, the tack was bought, the crash mats in place.....yes the unicorn was being ridden. Nope not by me but a crazy friend. In my defense she rides far more often than me, and I trust her 100% to be the test pilot for my unicorn.

I had been saddling him, which he didn't seem to mind, the bridle on the other hand was a different matter. All the chocolate spread in the world was not going to make him happy about that bit in his mouth. Therefore, we decided that a bitless bridle may be the way forward.

Mrs L arrived with confidence, well she sat in her car for a while, but I discovered this was because she decided that getting changed in the road was a far better idea than coming inside. So, after the wardrobe change she was ready, and bonded with the unicorn immediately.

There was a slight feeling of nerves, but I was sure that he had been ridden, and that he is not a nasty horse. Mrs L agreed and with her expertise and love of horses the task of riding the unicorn was going to be a piece of cake. Magic was calm, in fact the calmest I have seen him.

All in all a successful day, no broken bones, no unhappy horse and many photos to mark the event. Thank you Mrs L for being my test pilot, and for the coffee and gossip!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Friend for Every Ocassion

I have very few friends, however, they are play a huge part in my life, and I often chuckle that I have a friend for every occasion. These friends are all special to me, however, if I threw them in a room together they would have nothing in common.

Therefore, when I wanted to go and rescue more battery  chickens, I knew the friend to call. Some of my friends would not even consider the task of going to the battery factory, watching as they bundle far too many chickens into a box.
Yet this friend not only came, but she also stood up to the guys and insisted that there were less chickens in each box.

Miss N is fantastic, she is strong, capable, loving and understanding, she also takes no shit, listens to me moaning about fraggles, and is on my speed dial list for when I get arrested. Going to the battery factory is never nice, and although I may be tough, when I see helpless chickens being carried by their feet and dumped in boxes, even I take a short, sharp breath.

I always look at the bigger picture, and think that by saving these chickens we are giving them a better life, even if it is only for a few years. Battery farms are never going to stop, but if I can change the life of some of these chickens it makes me feel better.

So, with our chickens loaded off we went.........why o why is it always me that has the loose chickens in her car?

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


People always say that marriage, holidays and moving house are the most stressful, however, I beg to are the most stressful thing you can have in your life. I understand they have a job to do but why do they have to make so much mess!

Finally we have the money to lay our living room floor, now this may not seem like a big event to many, but live with a huge pile of rubble for 5 months,and you will understand why I did a little happy dance. My goat shed is on a slope, therefore, the final part is on a huge slope, which needed levelling.

I found a builder, a guy who understands how crazy I am, which is good and ensures that the working relationship is on a mutual level. In other words we spend the whole time taking the P**s out of each other. However, he is good at what he does, BUT he is so damn messy!

Not only do I have tools EVERYWHERE, but there are empty bags, buckets, and piles of gravel to contend with! My stress levels keep rising as I see the dogs playing in the gravel and spreading it across the garden.

Thankfully the cement pour for the floor is predicted to only take three days, which isn't too bad......who am I kidding OMG three days that is two days too long! So we are now onto day three, my patience has gone, my OCD has kicked in and I find myself tidying up after a builder.

In his defence I do have a living room floor....well nearly, which means that we can finally have somewhere to sit.....well after the walls are finished, the door goes in, the roof gets put on, the window goes in, the walls are skimmed and floor is tiled.........note to self, do not ever decide to build your own home again!