Tuesday, 22 July 2014

One Crazy lady and a Unicorn!

Well the time had come, we had delayed it for long enough, the tack was bought, the crash mats in place.....yes the unicorn was being ridden. Nope not by me but a crazy friend. In my defense she rides far more often than me, and I trust her 100% to be the test pilot for my unicorn.

I had been saddling him, which he didn't seem to mind, the bridle on the other hand was a different matter. All the chocolate spread in the world was not going to make him happy about that bit in his mouth. Therefore, we decided that a bitless bridle may be the way forward.

Mrs L arrived with confidence, well she sat in her car for a while, but I discovered this was because she decided that getting changed in the road was a far better idea than coming inside. So, after the wardrobe change she was ready, and bonded with the unicorn immediately.

There was a slight feeling of nerves, but I was sure that he had been ridden, and that he is not a nasty horse. Mrs L agreed and with her expertise and love of horses the task of riding the unicorn was going to be a piece of cake. Magic was calm, in fact the calmest I have seen him.

All in all a successful day, no broken bones, no unhappy horse and many photos to mark the event. Thank you Mrs L for being my test pilot, and for the coffee and gossip!

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