Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Catching the Chicken!

Ok, I may be no expert, but I am pretty sure that catching a chicken should never be as difficult as when catching vicious Mama. I had stupidly left it too long, therefore, she had escaped the small compost heap in favour for the drive. This meant that catching her would be a nightmare.

I actually then left her in the drive for at least two days, warning hubby as he went to work, "please, don't drive over the chicks" with his reply of "why, don't you just move them" PAH, little did he know this was a task that needed all of us, safety gear, and a couple of rakes.

The crunch time came when Jake and Finn (the ducks) considered the little chicks to be food. So, I grabbed a rake, broom, cat carrier, hubby and son and decided that it was time to catch the kung foo kicking chicken. Even though she was attacked a while ago, this chicken can still Kung Foo kick and she means it when she is protecting her babies.

There was no getting her in the box, and I sure as hell was not getting close enough to catch her, so there was only one thing for it....send the small child in to steal the chicks. My excuse was he was smaller, and far more agile, the reality was I pay the bills and am far more use alive than dead.

Eventually he kidnapped the chicks, and at the speed of light ran for the maternity wing, with vicious Mama closely behind. Her and her offspring were safely behind the fence, and we could all breathe a sigh of relief...until the next time!


  1. you need a fishing net with extendable pole ;-) will make things so much easier.

  2. oooo I will call you to come and catch her next time she hatches ;-)

  3. ROFL............ OK i have the net, Will get the wellies and will bring Gypsie. On the other hand better not bring her, she will catch them, but if they live to tell the tail i cant guarantie. ;-)