Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summer is Here!

With the hotter months here it can only mean one thing...I spend my whole time moaning about the heat, trying to stay indoors, and avoid everything and everyone. However, this rarely happens, as I spent yesterday mending fences, picking mangos and chasing chickens.

Yes, the mangos are ready so I spent two hours picking mangos in horrible heat, knowing that I will itch for days. I also spent over an hour chasing a chicken that had decided that chicks in the orchard was a good idea. Finally she was caught, all chicks in maternity wing for her to fly out followed in Houdini fashion by the chicks.

As much as harsh winters are hard for the people all over the world, the summer months here are tough. Nothing gets done properly as the heat drains every ounce of energy. You can spend a huge amount of time on one task because you are hot, irritable and just want to find shade.

So, excuse the moany Monday blog, but I'm hot already and its only 7am, and roll on those cooler months when I can moan that it is too cold in Casa Chaos.

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