Friday, 5 July 2013

Goat Transportation

Well, finally I found Rico a home, and no it wasn't on someone's dinner table however, tempting that would have been. Some guys wanted him as a pet, thankfully not in an apartment but on a finca. In initial discussions they asked if Rico would sit on the back seat of their car, at this point I realised I was going to have to transport him.

Telling hubby that I was going to transport Rico in the car was never going to be easy, however, providing the facts of take the goat or the goat stayed he agreed taking the goat was the way forward. Arrangements were made, times set, but this meant I had to work out how to transport him with as little damage to my car.

I knew Rico was good on a lead, so had decided that I would clip him down in a similar way to the dogs. There you go sorted, until hubby mentioned the two bloody great horns that Rico now has on his head. OH F**k now what, I have a glass back windscreen and I did not need Rico's horns going through it.

Goat transportation horn muffs were needed, and I knew just the thing. So, off son went to  pop the collar and lead onto Rico and just as he reached the car on went the horn muffs! They worked brilliantly, and I think they should be patented. Rico went to his new home, and for that split second I felt sad, and then I remembered how quiet it used to be in the goat enclosure!

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