Thursday, 18 July 2013

It Was Only a Bit of Duck Poo!

My car is our lifeline, and when it breaks I get stressed, so recently it had to go the garage, which meant that we needed to hire a car. My philosophy on car hire is cheap please, I don't care what it is, as long as it drives and is cheap. When you hire a car here you are given a long list of does and don't which include, no excess amounts of sand, no wet people, and no off roading.

All of the above was fine, until I realised that the barranco may be considered off road, oh well, I will drive slowly! So, the hire car was used as our car is every day to ferry children, animals, feed, hubby to work, and parked every day in the drive, where the ducks use it as a look out post.

My car came back, and it was time to return the car, it was still in one piece and their was enough petrol in it, well just enough. I pulled up outside the car hire place, and the guy wanted to inspect the car!

This is where my problems started, he moaned there was dog hair in the back, shit I hadn't noticed that, but in all fairness no dogs was not on his list. As he stepped back from the car, I suddenly realised that a week of ducks had taken its toll on the car.

The look on his face was priceless as he asked where the hell the car had been, I innocently said in my drive. He pointed to the roof and made this spluttering sound, I simply said, "oh that the ducks have been sat on the roof". This pushed him over the edge, and he begun to rant about hire cars were not for ducks, which of course is logical, as they couldn't reach the pedals.

Well, after a 10 minute lecture, and the threat of a 50€ fine for the mess to the car, I found myself at the local garage washing and vacumming the car! Grumbling to myself, as I really didn't see the problem, it was only a bit of duck poo!

Had he never had a car returned with duck poo on the roof, well in all fairness he probably hasn't, but that wasn't the point. All cleaned and shiny I returned the car, and run off before he could moan about anything else!

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