Friday, 31 October 2014

The Island NEVER Changes!

A year ago we made the tough decision to leave the home we loved due to public abuse, lies and betrayal from people who I thought were friends. A lot went on after the "leaf" incident, and to this day the woman who caused the most problems continues with her lies. Claims that we nailed nails into the trees to kill them, or refused to give any leaves away in a power hungry manner, are simply not true! I do wonder if you have so little in your life that you need to lie constantly.

I could of over the last 12 months joined in the gossip and lies, however, I am a believer in karma. For all those people that lied back then, and continue to do so now, I laugh at you!. I may live in a goat shed in the middle of a field, yet I am happy, and do not need to make other peoples lives a misery for fun. I simply sit back and watch you all destroy each other.

Karma is an excellent thing, and although I am no angel I do chuckle when you all have mis fortune, death, and illness, and I am happy, healthy and content. This island is incredibly small, and the people on it are even more small.....well in their minds at least! The biggest thing that makes me laugh is rumours, why do people always love gossip, hatred, and lies. They never see the good in people, or thank people, or ant anyone to be happy and successful.

So, for the people that hate me oh well, continue reading my blog, and my FB posts to see what I am writing. Yes this blog is aimed at you, and hopefully when karma bites you on the arse, you will remember the people that you hurt on your power hungry journey. I will on the other hand sit back and laugh and thank you for making me realise who my friends truly are, and why I am on this journey!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

An Extra Hour in Bed!

When the clocks move back, many people rejoice with shouts of yippeee an extra hour in bed, however, anyone with animals will tell you that is not the case. For me that extra hour is simply not worth the hassle, my morning will start like any other, with a mountain of cats leaping on me, and a dog nose in my face.

This morning I tried to stay in bed for that extra hour, however, nothing was going to allow me that privilege. I kept my eyes closely shut, I pretended that I was asleep even after a wet dog nose was thrust under the duvet. The eyes remaining closed seemed to work, the dog wandered off, but the cats were smarter, they seem to know that you are awake even without the eyes.

So, I am laying in bed eyes tightly shut, slowly breathing in a "I am asleep type way" and the cats circle the bed like sharks, waiting for the slightest movement. I think I have fooled them, and take a peek, there is only one cat left on the bed. I exhale quietly, and roll over onto my back. Just at the moment the cat takes the bladder leap.

If you have cats you will know exactly what I mean, they have an ability to jump on the perfect place on your bladder. This ensures that you have to go to the toilet within the next 5 minutes or you will be laying in a puddle. So, with a cat sat on my bladder a dogs nose in my ear, I decided it was far easier to simply get up. The extra hour in bed, turned into an extra hour to do stuff, welcome to winter!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

One Goat, A Monkey and an Incredibly Stupid Woman!

I got a call about a goat, now as you know I love goats, so when offered them for free I tend to forget my promise to hubby not to get anymore. So, daughter and I set off to find a man with a goat, and boy did we walk in to a crazier world than mine! Not only did he have goats, dogs, ducks, and horses, but he had a monkey!

Now at first I thought he was joking, but nope he had a monkey, as you do in your back yard with the goats. What makes me laugh is that he thought this was normal, and I am the queen of crazy, but honestly this was not normal. So there is us catching a goat, being watched by a monkey, and all the time I was thinking, there is someone crazier than me.

After much discussion about the monkey, we left with "king Julian" (you had to watch madagascar to understand) heading home we had to meet a lady that was donating some dog food, so as we sat outside the local supermarket with a goat in the boat, I could not believe that my day would get any weirder, but how stupid am I to think that for a second!

Dog food put in car, lady looked in boot, and said "oh look it is a goat"......."did you get that from the dog pound" at this point daughter and I looked at one another, looked back at the woman and simply got in the car! I did not even want to question why she would think that we had got a goat from the dog I drove, with King Julian wondering what life with a monkey would be like!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Earless Bunnies

I have some fantastic friends, some that advise me, others that guide me and some that well, just make  me laugh. Miss H is one of  those friends, she is always there to bring a smile, and when she commented on a photo the other day I literally Laughed out Loud!

We were given Guinea pigs, not for any reason other than an unwanted gift, so I put a photo up of the pair, and Miss H who is a little bit of a stalker on FB was there in a second. Her first comment was "Are they bunnies? where have their ears gone????" Now I learnt a long time ago, the number of question marks increases when she is stressed, and the fact that she had used four meant she was in a panic.

She then messaged me, and asked who cut the bunnies ears off, now I would love to say that she was joking, but knowing Miss H she meant every word. At this point I realised that she had no idea they were Guinea Pigs! Which I then pointed out, whilst laughing incredibly loudly.  She honestly thought they were earless bunnies!

It seems Miss H had never seen a Guinea Pig, and had presumed that someone had taken a pair of scissors to an unexpecting bunny...why would you want bunny ears? So, thank you Miss H for brightening my day, making me laugh, and yes you are special but not in a window licking sunshine bus way! The moment I have a case of earless bunnies I will let you know.....and remember we all love you!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

10 Chickens and a Rooster!

My daughter has been referred to for many years as Jack....because like Jack and the beanstalk she goes out for one thing and returns with something completely different. I asked her to pick up some chickens the other day, 10 chickens! I thought this was self explanatory, 10 chickens, gave the precise money, and off she went, only to return with 10 chickens and a rooster!

How the hell did she manage that.....I have no idea, apparently she simply asked the chicken man for the rooster as she wanted another one! Errrr why was my first question...rooster do nada, oh apart from crow all day, and eat chicken food. So we now have 4 roosters who all hate one another, and argue over the few remaining chickens that we have!

At least if she is going to return with extra things can they be magic beans required!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

That time of Year Again!

Molting time is a headache, the chickens have as many feathers as they have eggs, which is the grand sun of None! Although I have had chickens for a few years now, I always forget about molting until it is slapping me in the face. Therefore, I do not notice until there are no eggs, and the chickens look like they are ready to go in the oven.

This is also the time of year when it is considered the best time to "get rid" of the non laying chickens. Now this is where I stumble, due to the fact that I rescued many of these birds from the battery farm, how do I then go on to wring their necks. Well this year the process was removed from my hands, they just seemed to pop their clogs all by their selves.

Every day I have gone out and stepped over dead chickens as I have walked in to the chicken area, to the point it begun to worry me. I made a call to the chicken man and expressed my concerns, now he thinks I am crazy at the best of times, and questions everything I do. So the latest call made him laugh as usual, as he explained this was normal, nature playing its part and not allowing the weaker chickens to survive the harsh autumn molt.

So, not only do we have no feathers, no eggs, but at this rate we will have no bloody chickens either! I suppose as usual it is natures way of dealing with things...... and my task to clean up feathers for weeks and weeks before the new batch of chickens arrive.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The End is in Sight

When we moved in to the goat shed in the middle of the field, me being me believed that it would be built and finished in weeks. As the weeks turned into months, I begun to realise that hubby was yet again right! Building your house, is a lot like peeling an onion, hurts all the way through, brings tears to your eyes, but the end result is satisfying.

We finally placed the last blocks, laid the last floor, and put the last piece of roof on the building, don't get me wrong it is far from finished, but the end in in sight. We will be water tight before winter, and I finally have somewhere to sit and watch TV. For many people this doesn't seem like a huge deal, but for us, the long build has been an achievement.

There are many things left to do, and a huge amount of tidying, painting and skimming, but we are one whole building, and this feels brilliant. So, sorry for the lack of blogging, exhaustion has taken over, and my desire to sit in front of my PC was limited. However, things are calming down now.....who am I kidding!!!!