Sunday, 12 October 2014

10 Chickens and a Rooster!

My daughter has been referred to for many years as Jack....because like Jack and the beanstalk she goes out for one thing and returns with something completely different. I asked her to pick up some chickens the other day, 10 chickens! I thought this was self explanatory, 10 chickens, gave the precise money, and off she went, only to return with 10 chickens and a rooster!

How the hell did she manage that.....I have no idea, apparently she simply asked the chicken man for the rooster as she wanted another one! Errrr why was my first question...rooster do nada, oh apart from crow all day, and eat chicken food. So we now have 4 roosters who all hate one another, and argue over the few remaining chickens that we have!

At least if she is going to return with extra things can they be magic beans required!

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