Sunday, 31 August 2014

Why Does Everything Take so Long!

Operation duck pond begun.....not like any other that we have attempted before and it went on for days. I love my ducks and try to provide every element they need to flourish and survive. This includes a pond, yep a stinking pool of dirty water.

Emptying the pond is a dirty job, which is why my daughter and her BF did this task, well if you cannot abuse your power as a parent what is the point of having children. After it was emptied, it was decided that the tired lining needed replacing.

This is when in a flippant way I mentioned we could cement the pond, making it better for the ducks and far easier to maintain. Now the "we" I mentioned was in fact my daughters BF. Well if you want to date my daughter you will need to be my slave.

Now, although the BF is nice, he is sooooooooo slow, I am sure that snail speed is in Canarian blood. So a straightforward job took 14 hours one day, into the next morning, and than I was left to finish painting with the cat! After many hours, ducks watching with anticipation, and a cat with a red head with have a completed duck pond.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Note to Self- Listen to the Weatherman!

In the Uk the weatherman is always wrong, in fact there have been many years of ridicule due to their ability to be so wrong. Maybe this is why I ignore Amnet every time they declare bad weather. Or maybe it is because I am in fact stupid and need to listen more.

Amnet (weather people) declared we were going to have strong winds, and rather than listen to their warnings I ignored them, which is why I have had no sleep. Strong winds is something that causes chaos here as everything needs to be tied down, and put away. This in itself is a major task as my children have an ability to drop and leave everywhere they go.

So, when I went to bed there was a mild wind, more of a breeze shall we say, therefore, nothing was put away. However, by 1am the missile launching through my office window indicated that maybe I should have listened. From 1am to 2am I had the distinctive sound of the flapping roofing sheet that bangs everytime there is wind.

From 2am to 3am I discovered that one of the windows rattles, and that my sons door creaks REALLY loudly when pushed by wind. From 3am to 4am the roofing sheet had reached the noisiest it had ever been. From 4am to 5am every object in the garden decided it wanted to travel down the garden and hit the office wall.

At 5am I gave up and got up...drank coffee and waited for it to be light. So, today will be an even longer day fuelled by no sleep, lots of coffee and plenty to clear up now the wind has died back down. Note to self...when the weatherman says it will be windy listen if you value your sleep!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Oooops I did it Again!

I have decided that I have an issue with saying NO, I am like a fat kid in a cake shop, although I know it is wrong, it will cost me money and I will regret it I simply cannot walk away. Yes, you guessed it I have more animals!

When the words free and goats were presented to me in a sentence I felt I had no alternative to say yes please. Mrs N and I were having a casual conversation about goats one day, and I mentioned that ever suffering hubby had said no goats ever again. She remarked that was a shame as she knew of some baby ones that needed a home.

I considered what hubby had said, and typical of me ignored it completely, and asked her when I could collect them. Now my children knew also that we were not to have goats, yet they were there by my side as the goats were placed in the boot of my car.

Now I had three options when I got home, to confess all, make up a story about the goats being in the road, or hide them. Yep I went for the third option and hid them in the stables. This went well for a few hours, until hubby went to the stables. He returned and walked past me and said "there are two goats in the stables" with my answer being "Are there?" 

He carried on walking, I carried on painting, and no more was mentioned about the goats......I do have the best hubby ever! Magic has new friends, I have goats and all is well in the world! 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Expect the Unexpected

I went to the donkey sanctuary yesterday, we try and get there a couple of times a year. It is a fun, relaxed place that does a brilliant job to educate children and adults about animals. The place has never changed over the years, but is well maintained and all the animals are cared for brilliantly.

Mrs K had never been to see the donkeys so off we went, kids in cars and after a small issue with crap directions...mine not hers we arrived. A pleasant morning was had by all even the sulky 13 year old who refused to ride a donkey. We sat drank coffee, and chatted whilst kids collected feathers, stroked donkeys and messaged boyfriends!

Now, I did have plans to borrow/steal/buy a donkey, but alas it seems donkeys are really expensive. On returning photos were uploaded, thanks to Mrs K and her fantastic photography skills, and everyone asked about my new donkey. I felt sad, I had let my public down, I had not returned home with a donkey in the boot of my car.

Amusing that everyone knows me, and presumed I would come home with a donkey, bought, borrowed or even stolen! Ahhh but I did return home with an extra child.......which was strange as I don't like children.....Bet you all didn't expect that!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Nature Really Does Know Best

In the past when we have had mums sat on eggs of any description we have got involved and faffed. This has resulted in disasters, and many things going wrong, which is why we now try and not get involved. Mario decided to sit on her eggs, which was exciting, but in the main duck house which was worrying!

In the past I would have moved her but as we were so busy I kept forgetting to, and then completely forgot she was on eggs at all. Until one day a child came running towards me, which is typically a sign of panic or hunger. Apparently the eggs that I had forgotten about had hatched!

I was impressed without any interference Mario is now the proud mum of 10 small cute water chickens! Yes, I said water chickens........Mrs L small son calls them that and I must say I love it, far better than being called a duck!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

We Need to get out more!

I have a busy life, and often only leave the house when I have a hundred things to do, and never stop to take time to appreciate the small things in life. I have however, decided that I do need to leave the house more, as I spent 15 minutes watching a bus getting stuck and finding it extremely amusing.

Driving home the other day with my son, we noticed that a bus was following us, which is strange. Not only for the fact that I live where very few human beings venture to, but also a bus is huge, and the roads are small. So, I did what any normal person would do I slowed down so that I did not lose sight of the bus!

As we drove through the narrow mountain roads, my son and I debated why the bus was there. Lost or stolen was our two conclusions, but still we watched the bus as it made its journey up into the mountains. Now one of the last turns on the way to my house is an incredibly sharp turn up a steep hill.

Even I have to stop and make the turn slowly, so we presumed the bus would carry on, and our entertainment would vanish. OH NO! as I continued up the steep hill the bus stopped and begun to make the turn. At this point insanity took over and I stopped the car.

As we both leaned out of the car to watch a bus getting stuck on a bend, which seemed perfectly normal to us, my son grabbed my phone and begun taking pictures of the bus. This all seemed normal as we laughed, and pointed, and kept saying it is not going to make that turn.

After 15 minutes it occurred to me that I was sat in the road watching a bus......and quickly drove off pretending to be normal. With my son bending over the seats to continue watching. My crazy gene certainly runs through that child as proven many times.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Drive with my eyes closed!

A huge part of my life, and the direction that this new finca is going in is rescuing animals. This brings less money, less hours, less energy but a huge sense of achievement when I rehome an animal. Many come here to stay, but others pass through before finding their forever homes.

However, it has got to the point, I cannot go anywhere without returning with an animal. Driving hubby to work yesterday we stopped to do the recycling, and there sat up the mountain were three pups. So without a second thought off I went in mountain goat style to rescue these three little bundles.

As I reappeared, hubby muttered those fateful words " Can you not go anywhere without picking up animals" well no it seems I can't. So with pups on the back seat off we went.

Like many animals when they are abandoned they are in a bad condition. Pod, Pedro and paula as they have now been named were no different, and needless to say they had fleas, ticks, were starved, dehydrated but also had burnt pads due to the heat of the roads.

So, they are here waiting to get stronger before they can be rehomed. Although people keep telling me I have a huge heart....I unfortunately do not have a huge bank account. My vets bills are steadily growing, and my donations are limited.

Therefore, I am appealing to the masses and the generosity of my blog followers.
This is me on facebook Pet Pals GC

If everyone just donated 1 euro it would help these guys and the many more that need a chance! You can paypal....