Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Oooops I did it Again!

I have decided that I have an issue with saying NO, I am like a fat kid in a cake shop, although I know it is wrong, it will cost me money and I will regret it I simply cannot walk away. Yes, you guessed it I have more animals!

When the words free and goats were presented to me in a sentence I felt I had no alternative to say yes please. Mrs N and I were having a casual conversation about goats one day, and I mentioned that ever suffering hubby had said no goats ever again. She remarked that was a shame as she knew of some baby ones that needed a home.

I considered what hubby had said, and typical of me ignored it completely, and asked her when I could collect them. Now my children knew also that we were not to have goats, yet they were there by my side as the goats were placed in the boot of my car.

Now I had three options when I got home, to confess all, make up a story about the goats being in the road, or hide them. Yep I went for the third option and hid them in the stables. This went well for a few hours, until hubby went to the stables. He returned and walked past me and said "there are two goats in the stables" with my answer being "Are there?" 

He carried on walking, I carried on painting, and no more was mentioned about the goats......I do have the best hubby ever! Magic has new friends, I have goats and all is well in the world! 

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