Sunday, 24 August 2014

Note to Self- Listen to the Weatherman!

In the Uk the weatherman is always wrong, in fact there have been many years of ridicule due to their ability to be so wrong. Maybe this is why I ignore Amnet every time they declare bad weather. Or maybe it is because I am in fact stupid and need to listen more.

Amnet (weather people) declared we were going to have strong winds, and rather than listen to their warnings I ignored them, which is why I have had no sleep. Strong winds is something that causes chaos here as everything needs to be tied down, and put away. This in itself is a major task as my children have an ability to drop and leave everywhere they go.

So, when I went to bed there was a mild wind, more of a breeze shall we say, therefore, nothing was put away. However, by 1am the missile launching through my office window indicated that maybe I should have listened. From 1am to 2am I had the distinctive sound of the flapping roofing sheet that bangs everytime there is wind.

From 2am to 3am I discovered that one of the windows rattles, and that my sons door creaks REALLY loudly when pushed by wind. From 3am to 4am the roofing sheet had reached the noisiest it had ever been. From 4am to 5am every object in the garden decided it wanted to travel down the garden and hit the office wall.

At 5am I gave up and got up...drank coffee and waited for it to be light. So, today will be an even longer day fuelled by no sleep, lots of coffee and plenty to clear up now the wind has died back down. Note to self...when the weatherman says it will be windy listen if you value your sleep!

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