Sunday, 3 August 2014

Drive with my eyes closed!

A huge part of my life, and the direction that this new finca is going in is rescuing animals. This brings less money, less hours, less energy but a huge sense of achievement when I rehome an animal. Many come here to stay, but others pass through before finding their forever homes.

However, it has got to the point, I cannot go anywhere without returning with an animal. Driving hubby to work yesterday we stopped to do the recycling, and there sat up the mountain were three pups. So without a second thought off I went in mountain goat style to rescue these three little bundles.

As I reappeared, hubby muttered those fateful words " Can you not go anywhere without picking up animals" well no it seems I can't. So with pups on the back seat off we went.

Like many animals when they are abandoned they are in a bad condition. Pod, Pedro and paula as they have now been named were no different, and needless to say they had fleas, ticks, were starved, dehydrated but also had burnt pads due to the heat of the roads.

So, they are here waiting to get stronger before they can be rehomed. Although people keep telling me I have a huge heart....I unfortunately do not have a huge bank account. My vets bills are steadily growing, and my donations are limited.

Therefore, I am appealing to the masses and the generosity of my blog followers.
This is me on facebook Pet Pals GC

If everyone just donated 1 euro it would help these guys and the many more that need a chance! You can paypal....

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