Sunday, 31 August 2014

Why Does Everything Take so Long!

Operation duck pond begun.....not like any other that we have attempted before and it went on for days. I love my ducks and try to provide every element they need to flourish and survive. This includes a pond, yep a stinking pool of dirty water.

Emptying the pond is a dirty job, which is why my daughter and her BF did this task, well if you cannot abuse your power as a parent what is the point of having children. After it was emptied, it was decided that the tired lining needed replacing.

This is when in a flippant way I mentioned we could cement the pond, making it better for the ducks and far easier to maintain. Now the "we" I mentioned was in fact my daughters BF. Well if you want to date my daughter you will need to be my slave.

Now, although the BF is nice, he is sooooooooo slow, I am sure that snail speed is in Canarian blood. So a straightforward job took 14 hours one day, into the next morning, and than I was left to finish painting with the cat! After many hours, ducks watching with anticipation, and a cat with a red head with have a completed duck pond.

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