Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Monster Killer Bugs

Now, alongside the dark and failure I am slightly scared of bugs, not little bugs but big bugs that have the capability of killing you and disposing of the body. In Fact spiders are my weakness, and I cannot go near them, not even on the TV. Therefore, when I found a spider the size of a small child the other day there was only one thing for it, yes I stood and screamed.

Moving some stuff the other day I discovered that dust can penetrate everything and a rug that I wanted was filthy. As I went to pick up the rug, I noticed the creature, I cannot refer to it as a bug as it was huge, with giant legs, big eyes, and a menacing stare. So, I did what any 6ft grown woman would do, stood rooted to the spot hyperventilating and screaming.

Now when I say I am scared, I am scared, I have no logical reason for this fear, as often I can be heard saying to my kids don't be silly you are huge in comparison to that bug. Yet when it is me, and a giant spider is stood staring at me, I cannot do anything up scream. At this point hubby knows he needs to assist, and even the kids know there must be a spider in the vicinity.

So, everyone rushed in, and instead of quickly removing the bug as I hoped they would, they decided that a full blown conversation was needed regarding the size of the spider. No, I did not need to hear it was huge, No I did not need to wait for the camera to be grabbed, and No i did not want to wait whilst they debated what breed it was.

Finally the spider was debated, photographed and removed, and I could begin to breathe again like a normal human being. Just as I was returning to some form of sanity, I lifted the rug, and hubby muttered, "oh look is that another one" At this point I left the room, I didn't look back and I didn't wait to see if he was joking, I kept walking far, far away from the killer spiders.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Magic has Friends

Magic is a large creature, therefore, you would think that any friends he made would also be large, however, he has decided that his new best friend will be a chicken. Yes, a small, stupid chicken has moved in to his stable. Now this was strange enough , but then she decided to hatch chicks, and moved those in there as well.

Now, Magic is not delicate, careful or considerate, however, he does not mind the chicks being in there, in fact he seems to enjoy the company. Although he is careful around the chicks, one was victim to his size, but other than that the other eight seem to be thriving. They come and go, sleep in his bedding, and generally spend most of their day running around his feet.

So, who needs expensive horses to keep your horse company, simply get one broody hen, and you have an instant playground full of friends!

Thursday, 4 September 2014


Whilst driving yesterday I saw something that made me stop the car in the middle of the high street. Yes you guessed it it was an animal, however, not one that I expected to be on a lead going across the road. My husband is always claiming I have the attention span of a gnat when I am in the car and get distracted easily.

However, in my defence yesterday, there was a ferret on a lead walking across the road! Now, I love ferrets, always have done and had them when I was a child, yeah weird I know my friends had hamsters, I had ferrets. This should have been a sign of things to come.

Anyway driving up the main high street, stopped at crossing and thee it was with an elderly lady casually walking on the lead. At this point I begun to hit my husbands leg, come on ladies we all do this when we want their full attention. "look, look, its a ferret" I screeched in a high pitch. 

At this point he calmly looked at me and said "NO, You are NOT getting a ferret" my reply was......"yeah, whatever, you said that about the goats!" This did not go down well......when will I learn to shut my mouth and sneak the animals in, not pre warn him they will arrive at some point in the future. 

So, off trundled the little ferret, who had obviously done this trip many times before, and I begun to plan how I would get a ferret in the property without my ever suffering husband knowing!