Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Come for the eggs....leave with petrol!

Visitors are something that I am getting more and more of, and if I like you that is a bonus. I will help anyone, and have over the years given numerous things to people that have needed them far more then me. However, when I allowed a guy that I had only just met to syphon the petrol from my car it was a first! 

A friend came up with her other half, I have known her for some years, but this was the first time I had really met him. They are a lovely couple and we chatted for some hours about every topic you could imagine. Including the fact that her car was extremely low on petrol. 

Mrs N was convinced she could roll all the way to the petrol station, Mr T not so much! Thankfully we are on the top of  a huge mountain, so rolling was possible, but in their wisdom they had parked on the drive, with the petrol tank tipping in the wrong direction. 

So, when it came to them leaving the car was pointed in the wrong direction, and would not start. Cries for help were heard, and off we went to push, but pushing even the smallest car up hill was not working. I offered for Mr T t take my car to the petrol station, but he said he had a far better idea. 

Mr T decided that syphoning petrol from my car was far easier, oh how wrong was he. We provided the hose and the car whilst he had the petrol can and suction. As we all stood around watching and laughing, nothing happened, regardless of how much he sucked only a dribble came out. 

This resulted in Mr T getting a mouthful of petrol for his effort, and not a lot else. We decided to try pushing again, and this time Mrs N decided to take the 20KG sack of dog food out of the boot! thanks for that, why did you not think of that the first time! 

We managed to turn the car, and with it pointed in the right direction it started.....note to self please advise visitors to turn cars and point nose down the hill. Or maybe I should open a petrol station for those oh shit moments! 


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  3. Nearly had the same problem leaving your place the other day. Got in the car and suddenly the petrol light was dancing Samba on my dashboard. Normaly when low it just comes on, but when dangerously low it flashes. Managed to get to the Station just in time on the very last drop, due to rolling all the way down ;-)