Saturday, 28 June 2014

One Brave Vet and a Bottle of Sedative!

The unicorn has issues with his teeth, usually we find them attached to something like an arm or part of a human. However, I did think he  may have bigger issues, so it was time to call the vet. As with everything vets are often chosen due to reputation, and thats how Ricardo entered our world.

The vet arrived and instantly I liked him, so he was allowed to come into the property. After a long chat about his history, experience, and whether he was married or not....well a girl has to know these things! He met the unicorn. magic instantly adored him, which was a good sign, and didn't try to bite him at all.

It was decided that his teeth needed rasping, obviously magic's and not the vets! and after a debate sedation was decided upon. Magic slowly drifted into a deep sleep, but still he wanted to show who was boss, and decided that he didn't want the hannibal lecter contraption in his mouth!

So, three people, lots of sedative, and a struggle later we were ready to start up the power tool! Rasping is really noisy, and all the time you have to hold the horses head up, holding its tongue, and getting extremely close to the vet! Well I had to assist, although holding the tongue was left to my daughter.

Once we had finished, we all retreated out of the stable, and left magic to wake up, oh boy and when he did he was pissed off. But his teeth had ben rasped, so one more thing off the tick list. is he still biting, hell yeah but he now has blunt teeth to bite with!

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