Monday, 23 June 2014

I have Done it Again!

What is it with my blog that seems to offend people, if you do not like what you read keep on walking. Yet the trolls seem to come back time and time again, typically to moan and complain about something. This time it was the expat blog that seemed to cause offence.

I don't name people in my blog, and if you want to make a guess about who it is then feel free. However, at least ask me, I have no issues telling you who it is, and too be honest the ex pat blog was a general blog  about a huge number of people.

However, one very silly little girl has been moaning about the blog, which too be honest I didn't know she could read so it surprises me a little. If you read the blog to get a few laughs at my expense, or with me then great, but if you pop on over just to have a moan please keep on walking!

So to clarify.........I blog about things that fall out of my mouth, if you do not like these opinions please fill out a complaints form and stick the post!

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