Sunday, 15 June 2014

What is it with Ex pats!

When I moved here I knew I was  foreigner, therefore, I was always going to be treated differently. However, I made sure that all of us made the effort to join in with the local people. We embraced some of their traditions, enjoyed some of their foods (not gofio!) and made sure that the kids went to Canarian schools.

Regardless of how much you live within the local community and make an effort, there is no denying the fact that we are immigrants. Some Canarians embrace you, others hate you, and no matter what you do this will never change. But making an effort is what it is all about, why move here if you want to watch Eastenders, eat british foods, and refuse to speak the language.

Why do the brits feel they are better than any other nation and that people should change for them. if you do not like the country you live in, move, simple as that. Do not move to a foreign country and then moan about the culture, food, weather and people. When the foreigners do this in the UK, everyone is up in arms, but it is perfectly acceptable for Brits abroad to do everything they moan about all the time.

In typical expat style there was a rant on FB recently, and I simply cringed and thought just go home to your 3 bed terrace, in the rain, with your 2.4 children where you can moan about everything there. This lady was basically moaning about the Spanish partying, on the night of the Spain game in the world cup.

Do I care about football NO, but the Spanish do, and it is lovely to see them enjoying themselves, as one whole community. So, for the lady that moaned about the noise, why don't you turn off your British TV, put down your cup of tea, get off your arse and join in, you never know you may have fun!

This blog was brought to you on behalf of the foreigners that live on this island and DO make an effort. Oh,and because Mrs L, inspired me to with her rant on Fb about expats........Why did I not comment on the pointless post ahhhh because I have this Blog, which will not result in me pissing fraggles off and getting banned from FB!

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  1. Well said! I just had a similar experience on a Poms in Oz FB group - one guy complaining about the Australian national anthem. Like seriously dude!!! Don't like it? Go back to the UK (because God Save the Queen is SOOO uplifting lol).